The Hunt: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

The Hunt Trophy

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out the first installment of “The Hunt”, a little insight into my trophy hunting hobby. I’ll talk about what I’m working toward, Platinums I’ve recently completed, and maybe a little advice along the way for fellow trophy addicts.

That said, this is not is a guide, there are already a ton of resources and channels out there that cover specifics far better than I can or will have time to. However, I will let you know how difficult the Platinum achievement appears to be and maybe a few pitfalls I ran into you may be able to avoid. Let’s get started.

Everybodys Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a great game, with really awful trophies, I mean just the worst. “Passive Observer” comes to mind, the trophy listing says: “Discovered the power of interactivity by doing nothing at all“. What that actually means is: put down your controller and don’t touch it for 10 minutes. I’m not opposed to using guides to finish up trophies, but I generally dislike trophies that require a guide just to figure out how to earn them.

Like all games, I recommend you do a regular playthough and just enjoy the experience, the story for this game is really interesting and told in a unique way, so I personally feel like it’s worth the investment. That said, doing it this way will require more than one playthrough to platinum as some of the trophies require to you to do things like run to the end of the game without interacting with anything (again, not a great trophy).

Overall, this platinum is very easy to obtain. The hardest thing tested will likely be your patience, as once you’ve seen all of the story content the walking speed during the cleanup run may get to you (you can hold R2 to move slightly faster). Speaking of story content, I found that obtaining “Completionist – Triggered all of the story in the game” must be done in a playthrough. Which means you can’t use a guide to just find the one or two story elements you might have missed along the way, you need to trigger them all during a single run. So try to be as thorough with the story as you can your first time through. I recommend interacting with all of the phones, TVs and radios as well. I’m unsure if they count toward the trophy but they’re pictured on the trophy icon, so better safe than sorry.

The remainder are pretty simple, there’s a few more of those “stand here and don’t touch anything until the trophy pops” you’ll likely need a guide for, and the only challenge regarding trophies like “Bibliophile” and  “Graffiti Artist” is that there is zero contextual feedback for marking these as seen or read. You’ll have to exercise a little faith in the game to make sure these are being tracked. All in all, this an easy platinum attached to a pretty good game, I recommend you go for it.

Thank you guys for checking out the premiere of The Hunt. Please reach out to me at @sbfvgspodcast or @tacodouglas on Twitter with suggestions or advice for a fellow trophy hunter.


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